Sunday, June 27, 2010

"huwag mo akong pakialaman."

I thought it was a sign he was feeling better. After all, we had a marvelous Friday. We went to San Fernando, had a Kapampangan lunch and merienda at my Ate's house, rested back home for a while and then ended the day with a great acupuncture/general checkup at the Living Life Well Clinic (which he enjoys visiting every week).

He gently told me to leave him be while we were preparing him for bed. I didn't take offense since he had gradually been doing things independently. He got to use a fork by himself, he could get up from the bed on his own, and even get to walk a bit with me and my mom by his side. It did not prepare me for what was to happen from midnight till sunrise.

He complained he could not pee and asked to be brought to the bathroom despite the knowledge that he wore a diaper. We gave in to his request and waited for him to finish. Mom and I even thought that maybe Dad wanted to try to train himself again to use the toilet, and to fulfill the 20-steps-a-day promise he made to his doctor. Unfortunately, he was not aware that he had already done his business in the bathroom and still insisted he didn't feel anything. We brought him back to bed and coaxed him to sleep. I figured maybe he had a urinary infection causing the urge to pee, and that maybe buko juice in the morning could relieve him.

From 2:30am to 7am, Dad was alternately groaning and asking permission to urinate. He was telling us to call my Kuya and get the car to bring him to the hospital since he felt it was not normal to not be able to pee. We gave him his most hated medication that caused him to urinate, and finally, he peed. But still, he felt it was not enough. At 9am, I decided to call my Kuya and Ate to help take him to the hospital.

When they arrived and asked how he felt, he complained of a tummy ache. We gave him an antacid, then waited if he still wanted to leave the house. He chose to sleep. He had breakfast and a late lunch and watched TV with me in the afternoon but was mostly grumpy and still felt he wasn't peeing enough. By 8pm, and an hour of trying in the toilet, Mom and I told Dad he had to go to the hospital.

And so, now, at 3am, I am once again alone at home, while Dad is under observation at the National Kidney Transplant Institute for a suspected enlarged prostate, with Mom watching by his side. It was comforting to see him finally relieved once the catheter was in place (filled to almost half a gallon -- THAT must've really hurt!!!), but was worried about the narrow watcher's bed for Mom; Here's hoping we get discharged by Sunday afternoon so she won't harm her back.

When the sun rises, I shall bring them their personal stuff, a bag of crackers and maybe breakfast composed of yummy palengke finds at the nearby Lung Center (if I get to wake up early enough!).

Please, Lord, please, let there be no other bothersome complications so we could enjoy the rest of our week :)


  1. Wow Chrise, I really admire you and your mom. I wouldn't know what I would do if I were in your place. Please keep sharing, and know I'm praying for you, your Dad and your whole family. :)

  2. Being a mother of 3 puts you in the same mold as my are destined for greatness! There are so many things I have yet to learn, and I feel I will only be able to learn them fully when I rear my own children. Thanks, Ina! :)